5 Steps to Be the Life of a College Party


New students on campuses across the country stay in their dorm rooms sad that they are not out partying with their classmates. Here’s how to get the confidence to put down the ice cream, turn off the Netflix and get out of bed to have some fun.

1)      Get Invited

Do you have friends? Do you actually talk to people? As a student on campus, you must socialize in lecture halls and small groups to know who is having parties and be able to get in. Unless you are at one of these schools there are huge parties or open events going on every weekend. Many groups on campus publicize their events on social media and charge door fees so if you are not invited, just show up and pay or find another way in.

2)      Wardrobe

Walk in with your best outfit. For the ladies don’t dress like a nun and don’t just leave everything hanging out, and both guys and girls should not wear anything too tight, too shiny or, offensive. Even if it’s a Halloween party. Think twice about what you are saying with your clothes, it’s the first thing people will see. Also, dress for the weather. Everyone is going to think you are weird if you have a high school varsity letter jacket and a beanie on in May.

3)      Put Down your Phone

So you are in the party, the music is going but you haven’t seen anyone you know. Don’t be that awkward person in the corner staring down at their phone. Go up to the DJ booth, start talking to someone getting a drink and if there is a line for the bathroom, you can even start a conversation there. Just keep moving around and do not be afraid to start a conversation or jump into one. You do not know the other person and you probably will not see them again on campus, so what’s the worst they can do, not talk to you?

4)      Get to the Dance Floor

This is where party legends are made. The ladies, the guys, everyone will want to know you if you are busting out your best dance moves. You have to make everyone believe that every song is your jam. This way people want to learn how to grove from you and then will want to know who you are. Claim your victory, the great energy you have has officially made you the talk of the party.

5)      Leave with Somebody

Hey now, don’t get excited. What I am suggesting is that you hang out with the new friends you made and hit the IHOP or local late night pizzeria. Also, do not be afraid to go to another party with a random group of people. If they say they are going to another place ask if you can join them. This way you are able to talk more on the walk or ride to the next place. (But remember to always be cautious and smart. Your safety is priority number one.) Now you have a new group of friends to help you take over the next party.

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