Multimedia Projects


All stories completed during my time at UT 

The Price of UT Pets

IMG_3794Having a pet in college can be fun. A dog’s leash can get tangled with your one true love, or a cat can be a comforting companion at  at the perfect moment. But will you be ready to return your pets love and affection, between work, finals week and after a night downtown?





Alumni Visit Sports Bar One Last Time

Late nights with beer, burgers and fried food are part of the college experience. Former UT students travel from across the country to pay homage to sports bar Players. They remember it as the spot for food, friendship and football. (Audio)


Mapping Out the Senior Population

The percentage of senior citizens in Texas counties vary. Click to see which areas they fill up the most.

As medicine and technology advances the number of senior citizens continues to grow in the U.S. This data story shows where they choose to live and what makes one Texas city the ideal place to live out their retirement.



Longhorn Maker Studio

Longhorn Makers0000The Cockrell School of Engineering introduces a new playground for those dreaming to design a new car — or the computer that can fly it. Listen to how engineering students are getting a chance to explore and create in their own space. (Audio & Video)


West Campus Party Permits

West CampusWest Campus neighbors are calling for students to turn down the volume and for the city of Austin to enforce residential noise ordinances. The cities new plan to issue party permits could put a stop to the area’s annual party week Roundup and any impromptu celebrations that occur outside. (Audio)


Noah Villalobos: Renaissance Man 


Busy trying to stay at the top of his class and on top of his game, Noah Villalobos uses yoga to keep himself enlightened and in balance. (Photos)




St. Elias Med Fest

On Saturday Oct. 19, St. Elias Roman Orthodox Church held its annual Mediterranean Fest.

On Saturday Oct. 19, St. Elias Roman Orthodox Church held its annual Mediterranean Fest.

A person could forget they are in Austin, Texas as they breathe in the smell of gyros, fresh cannolis and Arabian coffee at the St. Elias Mediterranean Festival. See how a church parish gives festival goers an international experience. (Photos)

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