Written Stories


All stories completed during my time at UT 

No More Dancing in the Streets

On any night in Austin, downtown is an energetic scene full of music, alcohol and the weirdest of talents, but the Live Music Capital of the World could lose some of its live performances because buskers, or street performers, are being forced off their stage.

A task force created by the Austin Music commission is reviewing solicitation and sidewalk safety ordinances to address complaints by the busking community.

Longhorn Alumni Band Invited to London

The “Eyes of Texas” will fill the streets of London as the University of Texas Longhorn Alumni Band accepts an invitation to play in the 2015 London New Year’s Day Parade.

Former Lord Mayor of Westminster, Duncan Sandys, traveled from England to present a formal invitation to the band on UT’s campus at Denius Field.

A Mission Seasoned by God 

The soulful taste of fried catfish, gumbo and crawfish etouffee draws many local residents to a small Cajun cafe that displays colorful hand-written scripture on white brick walls and hums with gospel music on the east side of Austin. Diners are overwhelmed as the taunting smells of smothered okra and cornbread whirl around them making them second-guess each decision they make on what to eat.

These customers are not only clueless about what to order from the Cajun menu but are unaware that their hurried consumption of too-good-to-be-true comfort food supports a 50-year-old, overworked but uncomplaining, lone restaurant operator on a self-proclaimed mission from God.

Michael Phelps and 7 Other Olympians Losing at Life

Olympic athletes have proven that despite their extraordinary athletic abilities they do make mistakes like normal people.

On Sept. 30 American swimmer, Michael Phelps was arrested for DUI after failing a sobriety test. Police stopped him for speeding 84 mph in a 45 mph tunnel and crossing…

With Job Secure Powers Speaks at Student Government  

Anxious students, dressed in their most professional attire, filled Tuesday’s student government meeting in hopes to get a new Facebook profile picture with University of Texas President Bill Powers.

President Powers takes the podium, in front of the student government who supported Powers, after a strenuous relationship with UT System regents…

Can I spare my safety?

University of Texas sophomore Sabrina Miller took her usual walk home on Feb. 11, when she was assaulted by a homeless man on the Drag.

“I felt someone’s fist on the right side of my face and realized I got punched,” Miller said. When she turned around to see who it was…

5 Steps to Be the Life of a College Party

New students on campuses across the country stay in their dorm rooms sad that they are not out partying with their classmates. Here’s how to get the confidence to put down the ice cream, turn off the Netflix and get out of bed to have some fun.

thinkEAST Provides Live-Work Community 

With its barbecue, active outdoor culture, and young atmosphere Austin draws many startups and entrepreneurs to its Central Texas hills, but its reputation as a top city for commerce is beginning to crowd downtown high rises and raise housing prices. Now new businesses are looking to settle into  East Austin and two developers are creating an affordable space for creative industries.

The multi-use development called thinkEAST is a 24-acre live-work district for Austin residents. ThinkEAST will combine homes and studios…

Constructing a Better Future for Women

Walking into a hospital, social work office, school or any other professional setting, a person can expect to find a decent number of women compared to men, but that is not the case in an engineering office where the ratio is 9 women to 50 men.

The University of Texas’s Cockrell School of Engineering’s Women in Engineering Program leaders hope to combat the lack of women in engineering firms by supporting female…

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